Hello everyone,

As much as 2021 has been a slow year, it was over very quickly. We went from one lockdown to another, to one set of rules to another. And it seems like 2022 isn’t getting any better in regards to Corona, at least. But something has been constant in my life in 2021, and it’s books. Books were something that was always there to get me away from the reality outside. So I was and still am very thankful that I’m able to read. 

2021 Recap

My reading goal for 2021 was to read 30 books and I went over the goal by reading 47 books, 16 843 pages read. My shortest book was ‘Liberty’ by Virgina Woolf (128 pages) and my longest one was ‘Kingdom of Ash’ by Sarah J. Maas (980 Pages). Average book length was 330 pages and my average rating for 2021 was 4,1 stars. My favorite book was ‘Kingdom of Ash’ by Sarah J. Maas. My least favorite was ‘The art of Loving’ by Erich Fromm.

Now onto some stats! Thanks to Storygraph for providing those stats.

Adventurous: 18
Emotional: 14
Dark: 12
Reflective: 10
Lighthearted: 9 
Informative: 5
Tense: 4
Inspiring: 2
Funny: 2
Challenging: 2
Mysterious: 1
Hopeful: 1

Pace (percentage)
Slow: 40%
Medium: 51%
Fast: 9%

Page number
<300: 48%
300 – 499: 37%
500+: 15%

Fiction: 84%
Nonfiction: 16%

Genres (top 5)
Romance: 27
Fantasy: 17
Young Adult & Contemporary: 8
LGBTQIA+ & Manga: 5
Self-Help: 3

2022 Goals

My reading goal is again 30 books. 
I would love to finish my reading challenge (22 for 2022 – made by myself). 
Read more manga.
Lower down my TBR.
Sort out my books. 

The last goal isn’t quite a reading goal but I have so many books that I haven’t read in years. I haven’t touched them ever since I bought them so I would love to go through them and see if the interest is still there. If not, then I will have to either sell them, donate them or do a book exchange. We will see what I will do about those.

Let me know how your 2021 was as a reading year and what are your reading goals for 2022!