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Dear all,

I know that I’m probably too late with this post but never the less, I’m posting my April favorites today. I feel like April passed by so quickly and I can’t even remeber what have I done the whole month. I’m not sure is that a good or a bad thing, but I won’t dwelve too much on that.

So what I enjoyed this past month?!

Favorite song(s):

  • GOT7 – Not by the moon
  • Solar – Spit it out
  • (G)Idle – Oh my god

Favorite oracle decks:

  • Enchanted Blossoms by Carla Morrow
  • Angels and Ancestors by Kyle Gray
  • Moonolgy by Yasmin Boland

Favorite game:

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Favorite moment:

  • BangBangCon

Favorite podcasts/videos:

  • Pretty Basic by Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz
  • Unfiltered by Lindsey Hughes
  • Remi’s Youtube channel
  • Alisha’s Youtube channel

The list is maybe small but this is all I’ve been enjoying the past month. I haven’t been really motivated and I was feeling tired a lot so I hope that this month will be much better.

Light and love,


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