Hi everyone,

I almost can’t believe that it is already august and that it is time for yet another TBR. From my TBR from last month, I’ve read only 2 books. I’ve noticed that I’ve been in a reading slump pretty much the whole month but I’m glad that I’ve succeeded to read those two books.

For this month, I tried not to put too much pressure on myself but I am not sure will I succeed. We will see when it is end of the month and I have to check off all the books that i’ve planned to read.

Here is the list.

  1. The third sun (Daughter of the phoenix book 1) by Victoria J. Price
  2. The eternal dusk (Daughter of the phoenix book 2) by Victoria J. Price
  3. Card Captor Sakura
  4. Brida by Paulo Coehlo (have to finish it)

I hope that I finish those 4 books this month, considering that the first two ones are pretty long. But thankfully, I have a short trip coming up which will give me possibility to read.

What is on your TBR this month?

Love and light,

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