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Dear all,

another month has passed and it is almost hard to believe that it has been so long but here we are, in June already. Happy June first of all! I hope that this month will be better than the last one and that we can all enjoy it much more.

I have to admit that May has been a slow month for me even if it has passed so quickly. I feel like I didn’t do much stuff and haven’t feel motivated to do much but I tried to tell myself that it is okay and not to stress too much about it, even tho it is hard at the times.

The things I’ve enjoyed last month:

Favorite song(s):

If I’m honest, I didn’t listen music that much lately. And if I did, it was mostly piano or just instrumentals.

Favorite oracle decks:

  • Enchanted Blossoms by Carla Morrow
  • Goddess power by Colette Baron-Reid

Favorite moment:

  • Taking time for self care
  • Posting my fanfiction online

Favorite podcasts/Youtubers:

This is all that I’ve been enjoying this month. I hope that you’ve found some new inspiration and some new things that you might like through my posts.

Light and love,


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