Hello everyone!

Some of you might know me from my old blog and some of you might be new here. If you know me from my old blog, you will know that lately I haven’t been posting much even after I’ve announced that subject of the blog might change. Why? Well, I just didn’t feel good about my old blog. I felt stagnant, I didn’t feel that excited when posting a post. I’ve felt like this for some time already. I wasn’t identifying with it anymore, if you can say it like that.

I think since end of last year, I’ve been playing with the thought of starting an actual website and moving my blog. You can say that I was always afraid of doing this step; can I do it, how to manage, what to do. And recently, I just decided to do it. I decided to try something new. It is spring, which means, new beginnings. And I have decided to make one of my own. Maybe it wasn’t the best time to start it since I’m currently without laptop but I will do my best to keep my posts going somehow.

You will see that all of my posts are moved here and they will stay here (at least for the time being). But you can expect more posts from me on the different topics. Books aren’t the only thing that I’m passionate about, as you can imagine. The future posts will also be about life, spirituality, writing, body positivity, etc. There are many things that I’ve kept “hidden” and I’m ready to put some of them out there.

I hope you can still enjoy this blog and that you will join me in my new journey. Thank you all who have been with me back on the old blog and to all new readers that are coming. Stay healthy!

Love and light,

Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

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