today, I’ve wanted to share with you my top 10 kpop songs from 2021. Kpop is a music genre that I listen for over 15 years so it is a big part of my life. I’ve met so many amazing people through it so. Please not that after place 3, the list is in no particular order.

  1. Permission to dance – BTS

BTS is my ultimate group and, even though, they released more than just PTD, this was for sure my favorite song of theirs. It is the song that gave me hope, for the first time since 2020, that this pandemic might end one day. That’s why it deserves nr. 1 spot.

2. Higher – A.C.E

A.C.E is a band I started listening during pandemic and they have quickly climbed up to number 2 favorite group. These 5 men each have different sound and are all so talented. Higher was my first comeback with them and, honestly, this song is just art.

3. 0X1=Lovesong (I know I love you) – TXT feat Seori

This song is something I didn’t really expect from TXT but I loved it so much. I love rock music so to see it combined with kpop is always great thing to see.

4. libidO – OnlyOneOf

I have never heard of OnlyOneOf before this song but I have listened to it so much last year. Yes, the MV and the performance are homoerotic but that is what pulled in a lot of LGBTQ+ community. Any kind of same sex love in Korea is frowned upon and seeing OOO doing it, was really great.

5. Deja Vu – ATEEZ

ATEEZ is another one of my pandemic groups. I think my journey with them started end of 2019, beginning of 2020. And ever since then, they became a part of my kpop journey. This was their first comeback since Fever Part 1 and I loved the song. But it is also the song that made me question my bias (no, we won’t talk about it). Also, Not too late is another great song by them.

6. Thunderous – Stray Kids

I loved this song from Stray Kids, loved the choreography, everything about it. It has SKZ sound that we all love and that we all know. Just one tip, don’t do any sports to this song. I did it in the summer and regretted it dearly.

7. Odd Eye – Dreamcatcher

If you need more rock in kpop, Dreamcatcher is truly the group to go to. Great vocals, amazing dancing, talented women. This song is from the beginning of 2021 but still so amazing. Their other song from 2021 worth listening is Because.

8. God Damn – I.M

I am not a huge fan of Monsta X anymore but I.M’s solo is amazing song. I still catch myself singing it at random times at home. I love k-hiphop a lot even if I’m not keeping up much with it anymore but whenever a rapper from a group releases something, I give it a listen.

9. Maverick – The Boyz

Yet another group that I’ve started stanning during pandemic. Thanks to Bertie, my friend. They did a great job getting me into The Boyz (and A.C.E as well). TBZ did a great job with this song and it was hard choice between this and Thrill Ride, their other comeback from 2021. But somehow, Maverick is more my style so, it ended up in the top 10. No worries, Thrill Ride ended up in top 30.

10. Tear Drop – SF9

Last but not the least, SF9 with Tear Drop. I know SF9 for some time already but I at some point, I didn’t listen to them. This song really brought me back to them (along with them joining Kingdom). Great, talented men; singers, dancers and actors. Few of them you might know for a kdramas but give them a listen as well, you won’t regret.

As last, I have one honorable mention. That’s GOT7 and their song ‘Encore‘. They left their old company, JYP, in the beginning of the 2021 and released this song for their fans to give them sort of a promise that they will still stay GOT7. And when I tell you that I cried, I cried really hard. If you have followed them, you know that they are better off without JYP. Their concert was one of the last ones I went to before the pandemic hit. And I really can’t wait to see them all together again.

Let me know what were your favorite songs of 2021!