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My preferred book genres to review are romance and contemporary. I read; middle grade, young adult and adult books. The genres I don’t usually read are horror books, dystopian and thriller. The one topic that triggers me and that is the reason why I would say no to a book review, is a rape (especially when it is descriptive). What I really like reading about is female empowerment. I accept both physical¬†and e-books to review (though, physical copies are preferred).¬† I do my best to respond to all requests and inquires and thank you in advance for wanting me to review or promote your book in any other way. Please note that I can still decline the inquiry. My reviews are always honest and not biased! I don’t only accept reviews but also excerpts, guest posts, Q&A, spotlight posts, etc.

This website isn’t only for book reviews but also for other topics such as lifestyle and spirituality (which means I will review oracle cards as well).

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