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in my first post regarding Germany, I mentioned how I came to Germany and I wanted to touch a bit more on that. Maybe it helps some of you in the future.

As I mentioned, I saw the ad for a training programme here in Germany by accident. It was an ad from German’s job center where they were looking for young people. I thought to myself ‘Apply, you have nothing to lose’. Bear in mind, I was 2 years out of job and couldn’t find any job, no matter what I applied for and I applied for a lot. Sadly, in that time, it was very bad situation in Croatia (still kinda is). I didn’t expect much from the application to be honest. I told my parents about it and they mostly just shrugged. Maybe they didn’t believe that it will work out either.

When I received an inviation from German’s job center to the interview, I was surprised a lot but I decided to go. The interview was either in English or in German and I did it half half, as much as I can recall. I used to learn German in my vocational school and still remembered some of it. I succeeded in the interview and could proceed to the next step which meant looking for a language school who will give us intense German course over the next 2-3 months. We had to come to A2. We found one and the fun had started; we had German daily from 8am – 1pm.

While we were busy studying hard, I’ve gotten invite from my first apprenticeship company for an interview in Hamburg, Germany. This was the 2nd step that I had to go over and I gladly did it. Thankfully, I have a friend that lived close to Hamburg and her family took me in. They took me to the interview and it was the longest interview I’ve ever been to. I did it all in German and was apparently the only one to do it. First part of the interview was a questionnaire about Germany; who is president, what religion is here, the capital, etc. The second part of the interview was to draw a male model and his hair (seriously, I sucked so hard). The third part was the interview with the company actually. This part, I did fully in German and apparently, I was the only one doing it in German. After that, I’ve went back to Croatia and waited for some more. All the while learning German. We had to go to the course, since this was also paid from the Germany.

One day I came back from the course and have found the papers from the company to fill out. It all has gotten so real and neither my family nor I could believe it. This was just a month or so before I had to move. I didn’t have much time left. I had to get everything ready, start packing (what do you even pack for the next 3 years), find a flat and everytthing else. I didn’t know anything about Germany and how things are here. I contacted the family of my friend and asked them for help. They generously offered me to live with them and pay them rent, because it would be hard to find a flat like this. I accepted it right away and was glad that I checked something off from my to-do list.

29th of July 2014 was the day when I moved and the day that changed my life forever. I still remember myself at the airport; my whole family was there. My parents and my 8 months pregnant sister. I didn’t think it would be hard to tell them goodbye but it was harder than I expected. I cried while saying goodbye, I cried while waiting for the plane, I cried half the ride to Germany. I wasn’t sure what the future will bring but I knew that the life is changing in this moment. I was to become an aunt for the first time in few days and I just left. It was all so hard, seriously, but I had to go over it. There was no way back; the contract was signed, I had a ticket in my hand and I had to get in that plane. Was it easy? In no way, shape or form. Have I done it? Yes, I did!

Next part will be online next week. Have you done anything like this? Would you do it? Let me know!

Light and love,

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