NaNo-2019-Winner-Web-BadgeIt was that time of the year again aka NaNoWriMo. If you know nothing about it, I’ve made a post a few months ago.

I was doing NaNo once in my life and once I did Camp NaNo. The original NaNo I didn’t win but I’ve won the Camp one. This year, I’ve thought that I could maybe try it again, especially since I have this story that I’m writing ever since the Camp NaNo so I wanted to make progress. Technically, I cheated a bit because I didn’t start from 0 words, I’ve already had around 30k words written. But I just started a new job in November so I knew, that for me, continuing the project is much better than starting a new one. Writing 20k was a big deal for me; 20k in a month means writing around 660 words per day. Some days I didn’t write a word, other days I would write around 1000 words. There were days where I struggled to write those 660 words and was counting EVERY SINGLE WORD that I typed, just wanting to be finished with it. At the end of the month, I can proudly say that I’ve written 50k. It wasn’t an easy journey and the journey isn’t even done yet. There will be a lot more words written for this story and I’m not even sure when and how will it end.

Now that I’ve hit 50k words, I was thinking to buy a winner shirt but sadly, shipping for it is 30$ to Germany which costs more than a shirt itself. 🙁 That’s why I’m still deciding what to do as a gift for myself. I’ve recently ordered a perfume online so I might just take it as a gift. Nevertheless, I’m proud of myself for hitting this amount of words. It has been a long time since I’ve written something this long and something that’s brought me this much joy. I’ve been struggling with my writing as of the past few years and I didn’t really think that this story will come this far, but here we are. I use it also as a therapeutic writing, which helps me a lot on top of it all. I’m so grateful that I’ve found my passion for writing again which has been lost for so long, I feel like.

Have you done NaNo this year? Would you even consider ever doing it? Let me know!

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