today I wanted to talk about penpalling or snail-mail, however you want to call it. Let’s start with the definition of it; penpalling or snail-mail is writing a letter to someone you don’t know either from the same country or all around the world.

Sometimes, people start this via e-mail in order to get to know each other or if they feel uncomfortable giving out their address. Which, please, always be careful to whom are you giving your address too. Especially if you are underage!!

When did I start penpalling? I used to penpal back in my teen years into early 20s but then I stopped as people stopped replying. I needed to take a break from it even if I was sad about people not replying but I couldn’t do anything about it. Recently, I have gotten an urge to pick up this hobby again and start writing letters. For now, I have 2 people that I’m writing to and I hope it will become more even if it can be an expensive hobby for sure. But I enjoy the thrill of receiving and writing a letter. It makes me so happy to open my mail box and find the letter in there, especially if I was looking forward to it a lot.

The worst thing for me is if I’m the first one to write the letter. I’m very awkward about writing those first letters and introducing myself but once I climb over that step, I’m happy about it. If you are stuck about writing the first letter, it is always good to introduce yourself and then proceed to talk about things that you like. Maybe you even have the same interest which makes it easier to break ice. But even if not; remember to write about things that make your heart happy; your favorite music, movies, book, hobbies in general. And remember, person reading that letter is also human being.

It is good to keep an e-mail or a social media contact to your penpal. In case you can’t write them back for whatever reason, please just let them know. It is awful not to know anything and maybe overthink if you’ve done something wrong.

What’s most important is to have fun!! Have you ever done any penpalling? Are you interested in writing letters by hand? Happy penpalling!

Love and light,

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