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you all probably know by now, but I’m originally from Croatian which means that my first language is Croatian. Which means that English is my second and German my third language. Today, I wanted to write about reading in foreign language(s).

Back story on me; I used to learn English for 14 years (2 of those were business English) and German for 4 years. I moved to Germany 6 years ago which made me learn German even more because you simply have to if you want to find a proper job here. But when I moved here, I was reading only books in English because I could get the books in English pretty easily; either online or in the bookstores.

Was I afraid to start reading in English?! Of course I was! I wasn’t sure how will it go and will I understand everything. What if I don’t understand it all? What if, what if? I remembered the sentence my teacher used to tell me “If you have more than 8 words that you don’t understand on the first page, don’t read on, it will become more.”. So, that was what I was doing but I realized that I didn’t have that many words that I didn’t know even throughout the whole book. That made my enjoyment even bigger because I didn’t have to worry how to find books in Croatian to read. I had another language that I could read in, the language that is known worldwide.

With German, it is another story though. I am not confident in my German even if everyone says that my German is pretty amazing. It took me 5,5 years to start reading in German. My first book read in German was this year. And even then, I was so afraid will I understand it. Especially because it was a non-fiction book so it could happen that the language is a bit harder to understand. But after 100 or some pages, I realized that I could read in German. Even though, I don’t think it will ever be my first choice if the book is originally written in English but there are so many good books written by German authors that I want to read. I have another book in German that is waiting for me to read it and I seriously can’t wait to do it.

Do you read in any foreign language? If yes, in which? If no, would you like to try?

Love and light,

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